“An adventure is a situation where the outcome is not entirely within your control. It is up to fate, in other words”

Sebastian Junger

Hello , 

 Wow, Adventure Revival was really fun! I hung out with Owen Irving at the back of the front group until I ran out of talent and watched him float away up Randall Trail. 

Bolinas Ridge was a sloppy mess from a few days of fog precipitation that brought back some good cyclocross memories, sliding down ruts mildly out of control and hopping slippery roots. By the time I got home I had stacked up 400 TSS, over 4,000 kjs, and was in need of an ice cream and a nap.


Next up is the Lake Sonoma Grasshopper on Saturday, with several Tempo athletes racing the 25 miles of singletrack and sharp hills. I’ll be using this race to start shaking more of the rust off after a couple years of solo Strava challenges and check equipment before I head to Utah for Moab Rocks this October.

Studies Of Interest


With so many athletes on the Whoop system, discussing HRV trends, fatigue levels, and making daily decisions about training composition and duration is part of the language spoken here. I like to see the planned workouts agree with what we are seeing in the data, and I think for self-guided athletes its even more important. I thought it was interesting that the amount of high intensity sessions was reduced by the group using HRV as their guide. It makes sense, as if you aren’t in the green, typically these are the types of sessions its really good to skip. You can read the abstract HERE

Book Recommendation

I just finished Tribe by Sebastian Junger. I’ve heard about this book for YEARS and I’m glad I picked it up.


 Kudos and Results!

Gideon Myles-  Madison ,Wisconsin – Oberlin Ohio  3 more states down and a nice ferry ride across Lake Michigan. Way to go Gideon!


Liam Stewart- Chequamegon 40. 298th/1200 on a borrowed bike .Way to make lemonade out of lemons , Liam!


Noah Hayes- 31st U23 , UCI World Cup, Snowshoe, W.V.

Bike Fits!

I’m back in the studio and the October slots are beginning to fill. With the rise in the Delta variant masks will be required again. All of our proven safe protocol of open windows, UV and HEPA air filtration, sanitizing during and between each client, and a limited amount of appointments each day is in place.


I’ve opened up a regular evening slot on Tuesdays and Thursdays and am happy to see if a weekend appointment will work for both of us, just ask!


Saddle requests- I’m working through supply chain issues and building a full line of Specialized saddles for you to try in the studio. I have quite a few other saddles now in the “demo collection” but

 would love to hear what your favorites are, I’ll try to source them.

Be well,