Gabriel Robbins Fighting To a 12th Varsity At The Fort

Race Wrapup!

Max Mcfadden – 11th Junior UCI Men – Bear Mountain
Jack Brown- 2nd JV Central Coast Challenge
Andrew Fee- 8th Sophomore Central Coast Challenge
Lanie Goldberg- 7th Varsity Central Coast Challenge
Gabriel Robbins 12th Varsity Central Coast Challenge
Josephine Trilling 28th JV Central Coast Challenge
Great racing everyone! I was SUPER STOKED to see you and hear of your results all weekend! Special thanks to Tempo athlete Sue Pilipauskas for volunteering to score racers on Saturdays High School racing. This is truly giving back!

Max Mcfadden on his way to 11th at Bear Valley UCI XCT

Cold Water Immersion Studies

These are very popular with several of my athletes, so I found these studies interesting. You can see the findings are very individual. My N +1 is I find it exceptional after hard running for the lower legs, which typically sustain the most injuries.
This second link outlines strategies and protocols. Some times NOT taking CWI is a better path, if one has time to recover.Also note the short intervals suggested for CWI. For those of you racing on a short turnaround, these strategies might be very advantageous. Try this in your next hard race simulation block and see if it works for you.