Gabriel sending it at the California State Championships in Tehachapi, CA

I’m beginning to mentally reset after the prior 3 out of 4 weeks on the road supporting the Oakland Composite High School MTB program and several individual high school athletes from Berkeley and Monte Vista High School, concluding two weeks ago in Tehachapi, CA. with the California State Championships. The weather was absolutely bonkers with multiple storm cells rolling over the area  throughout race day, and I have to say, I was SO PROUD of all the competitors on Sunday. While outcome goals like placings in a race are very black and white, it’s important to also look for the gray areas of improvement for the biggest takeaways like grit, courage, and stoke. Take a few minutes to read this post on the Radavist which has some amazing pictures and information that tell the story better than I ever could. .

Joel coming out with 3rd in 40-49 at the Wente 8 Hour in Willits


I’m more and more interested in foam rolling as a method to warm up and mobilize as prehab, especially when time or space restricted.  Try a simple 10-30 seconds on large muscle groups before an intense workout and let me know what your thoughts are! I find I have a spot of “sticky fascia” (Dara will probably correct me on that lol) in my left quad that responds well to this and I find personally a much higher level of ROM with no loss  in specifically wattage on the bike or speed on the run. This meta- analysis is great if you would like to dig into this deeper.

Beverly on her way to a State Champs Jersey in the Criterium in Folsom

For the track riders in the group, I’m very interested in how to make your multiple warmups between events more effective while controlling your core temperature this summer. I’ve seen studies that are not so favorable, but my N + 1 experience, and that of this study, is more favorable. These are small improvements in performance, but especially in track racing where results come down to a couple tenths of a second, a cooling vest might be a great idea on long omniums in the heat.

Noah getting after it in the Pro Men at Baie St Paul

Lastly, I enjoyed this podcast with Abby Wambach on Finding Mastery with Michael Gervais this week. They really went deep on a variety of topics.  One of my biggest takeaways was the need to be grounded with a positive support system and network of people if you are going to succeed as a high performer, but theres a ton of great perspective to be absorbed in this long listen.

Check it out here

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It was an awesome season!