“I would like to point out the importance of chasing your own dreams. You must live with whoever you become, and those around you have to live with that. It’s important to be who you want to be, and not what others want you to be.”


→ Nils Van der Poel


A nice weekend of racing from the Tempo crew, most of you are in the early season and still using the races as the only high intensity of the week, so I am very encouraged to see the outcome results as well as really CRUSHING the process goals! 

Things like moving forward in the peloton, proper sprint position, improving bike handling, getting used to the style and aggression of a higher category of racing, are all extremely important to long-term success in endurance racing . 

The outcome goals will happen as the process goals get checked off. Successful process goals are also much more within our control than the outcome of a bike race with sometimes a couple of hundred variables.

I can help you with the handling and sprint skills! If you are a full-time athlete with me, this is part of your package, along with checking in on your fits and personalized programming. 

If you are interested in a skills session as a non-coached athlete, reach out to me, I’m happy to help! I just found a new area close to my office with soft mowed grass and no cars that’s perfect for bumping and other drills. With the College Of Marin resuming in-person instruction, my empty parking lot next door has mysteriously filled with cars again 🙂

Results And Kudos


Liam Stewart- 2P/ 13,  Zwift – TT: The Stampede (iTT) by Herd Racing League (B) 


Allison Higginbotham- Moab Skinny Tire Festival FINISHED!


Noah Bott- 3rd JV D1 Boys, Six Sigma Ranch, CA


Madeline Frechette- 10th, Women Pro 1/2/3, Land Park Criterium, Sacramento, CA


Madeline Frechette- 9th, Women Pro 1,2, Bariani Road Race, Sacramento, CA


Grant Haidinyak- Mechanical DNF, Healdsburg 300K, Healdsburg, CA


Haley Nielsen- DNP, Women P/1/2, Land Park Criterium, Sacramento, CA


Haley Nielsen, DNP, Women P/1/2, Bariani Road Race, Sacramento, CA


Ivan Smirnou, 13th, Elite 5, Land Park Criterium, Sacramento, CA


Alec Guilford, 22nd, Elite 5, Bariani Road Race, Sacramento, CA

Bike Fitting

 The new Coefficient Cycling bars are here!  If you are interested in seeing how these feel, come on by the studio and check them out! Absolutely beautiful design and quality. I have both an AR and RR bar in the studio currently and will be putting an AR on my Super X soon.

Be well,

Coach Johnny