“Light is perhaps the most powerful stimulus for our mental, physical health and for our performance in every endeavor. We often miss this point because the effects of light are what we call slow and integrative. … If you don’t view light for half a day or for a day you’re okay. But what light does is it sets the foundation of our abilities and it does that indirectly, and directly.”

Andrew Huberman



I was asked to attend a virtual bike fitting conference based in South Africa last weekend. I really wanted to attend and ask questions of the presenters in real-time, but I have too much respect for the regenerative powers of sleep these days, both physically and mentally. I’m enjoying the recorded sessions while riding the trainer in the mornings this week and am retaining WAY more than I would have staying up all night in the past. If the goal is to perform at the highest level possible, why does society reward “ burning the candle at both ends” so much? I have to confess, I felt a little lazy when I asked for the recordings. I spent so many years training 20 hours a week while working night shifts that it’s taken me two years to reset my sleep clock as well as I have, now to reset the internal voice a bit:-) 

I never give an athlete a negative response when they pick rest over training. Endurance athletes are incredibly hard-chargers, and by the time they think they need to rest, they are usually DONE.

Respect that voice inside yourself, and train (and live) smart!

Results And Kudos

Owen Irving- 13th Varsity Boys, Fort Ord, CA


Grant Haidinyak- Castroville 300K, Santa Cruz, CA


Noah Hayes- 1st Collegiate A, La Verne RR, Glendora, CA


Noah Hayes- 1st Collegiate A, LA Verne Criterium, Glendora, CA


Owen Irving- 15th GC Cat 3/4, La Verne Stage Race, Glendora, CA


Owen Irving- 23rd 3/4 Elite,La Verne Criterium,Glendora,CA


Owen Irving- 16th 3/4  Elite, La Verne Road Race, Glendora, CA 

Be well,

Coach Johnny