One way to become luckier is to show up consistently.


When people trust that you’ll do what you say when you say it, not only will they want to work with you, but they’ll want you to be successful. You can’t build anything meaningful when you show up inconsistently.


In the short term, you are as good as your intensity. In the long term, you are only as good as your consistency.

Shane Parrish




What a busy couple of weeks, apologies for the radio silence! Between Sea Otter where we walked 12 miles expo-ing ,a full week of fitting in the studio, and then preparing the Terra Linda team for their last regular-season race, it’s been a whirlwind. We also somehow added in a memorial service in Southern California yesterday. 


The things I liked at Sea Otter , this list was really short- to be honest.


The FreedomCoast replacement brake levers for SRAM and TRP. If you are a rider with smaller hands, you will struggle with bigger levers. I often adjust the lever but this can change the contact point and amount of throw. These levers feature 12 mm less throw and are super bling as well 🙂 You can check these out in the studio soon!


Discussions with the folks at SQ Labs. They had several staff from their headquarters in Germany at Sea Otter , and I was able to geek out on grips, chamois thickness, saddle engineering, and design in general. I am a complete convert on my personal bikes( both on the road with Coefficient Cycling and on the MTB with SQ) to bars with more backsweep, which has really helped my elbow pain.


The folks at Abbey Tools. I bought a Decade chain tool ( which is freaking amazing ) at the booth but had some excellent discussions about all things bike and bike tool storage with them. 


We also saw many friends, had some great meals, and watched Owen win the road race, which was super special !


Be well and ride bikes!


Kudos And Results

Owen Irving , 1P, Sea Otter Road Race, 17-18 Men

Jane Robertson- 7P, Sea Otter Fuego XC, 50-59 Women

Owen Irving- 6P, Sea Otter Fuego XC , Varsity Boys

Noah Bott- 5P, Varsity Boys,  Fun On The Farm, Petaluma CA

Owen Irving- 4P,  Cat 3,Berkeley Hills Road Race, Orinda, CA

Owen Irving- P9, Cat 3, Berkeley Streets Criterium, Berkeley CA

Alec Guilford, DNP ( crash) Berkeley Streets Criterium