“ The best performers are not consistently great, but they are great at being consistent.”

Brad Stulberg

Fall is an interesting time as most people are wrapping up their seasons, and a select few are either opening up the racing for CX or already “ setting the table” for an early spring campaign. 

When I first started coaching I was under the illusion that this was the slow season, but now that’s all been replaced with prep for next year (i.e., NICA team meetings are already happening )and usually a lineup of conferences and professional development. I’d like to see that professional development come back in person, to be honest. Some of the presentations didnt translate that well online ( most did, to be fair) and I missed the opportunity to connect with people in person.

I am excited to be attending a workshop with Dr Amy Saltzman this fall, and I’d like you to sign up as well.

Lets learn to approach stressful situations and competitive environments from a centered and grounded place, and be unshakeable and successful.

Christianne Glanzmann- Passe De Sanetsch. Christy and her husband were able to ride another big route last weekend before the snow started falling in Switzerland.  Great way to close out the season!

Gideon Myles-  Portland Oregon. to Portland Maine.-   HE DID IT, PEOPLE. The numbers are just astounding, 3887 miles, 162,420 feet of climbing over 43 days with 4 rest days to do laundry and sample local pizza.  I had an idea to count up the amount of bars and chews he consumed over the trip, then ran out of fingers and toes. A LOT.

For those who are PMC -savvy- Gideon pushed his CTL to 199 and his TSB dipped as low as -117 as he crossed the Rockies. HUGE KUDOS to successfully finishing what ended up being a two-year project with COVID postponements to last years trip.. WOW!


Owen Irving- 1st XC Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland, CA


Owen Irving- 2nd 14-15 M- Mt Diablo Hillclimb Challenge, Danville , CA


Elliot Irving – 9th/75 4/5  Men- Night Weasels Cometh, Lancaster MA