While focused cyclocross athletes have been building and stage racing for a while now, other riders are splitting time between CX and MTB, track, or road.¬† I think considering mental freshness is a very important and often overlooked point in a world where many riders in mild climates can race all year round. The same wonderful gift of nice weather to train in year round and a racing schedule that runs 50 weeks a year can fry us and make what is for many amateur riders a hobby much more like a job. It’s been nice to really advocate¬† big summer breaks to my high school aged racers, and as they come back to training I can hear the excitement in their voices. Memories of summer camp adventures or travel, often mixed in with TONS of unstructured riding, will last forever, and the test numbers most often reflect a small drop at best. It’s important to remember what actually makes us perform at a high level, and while training is key, stoke is just as big of a player. Looking forward to Kentucky this December!

John Cheetham enjoying a classic Surf City run up at Soquel High