Noah Hayes on a dry Saturday in Rochester.

“One of the difficult things about making decisions is it reduces opportunity in the short-term, but that’s the only thing that really creates great opportunity in the long-term.”


First of all, if you have GCN, definitely watch both the women’s and the men’s  CX races at Rochester on Day 2 ( Sunday) The weather changed dramatically overnight and the course went from a high-speed, dusty grass criterium to a wild muddy slip and slide. There’s also some great clips floating around on Instagram.


I  really liked this quote. Helping people make decisions is a bigger part of coaching than folks might think, it’s a very collaborative process and in the end the athlete decides. Sometimes there’s value in the short-term, it’s not always about long term development and slogging through months of training! A good example would be a low-pressure race tossed in at the last minute, especially with an athlete that

  •  needs a bit of fun in their lives
  •  could use a win or podium  i.e. winning fixes everything
  • needs a mental reset


Results And Kudos


Noah Hayes– 24P  UCI Elite Men Rochester CX, Rochester NY


Noah Hayes- 43P UCI Elite Men Rochester CX, Rochester NY


Matt Christiansen- 10P Master Men A 45+, VSRTCX, Livermore, CA


Noah Bott- 2P U19 NBXC #1- Tamarancho Double Lap


John Cheetham 10P 45 +,- NBXC # 1, Tamarancho Double Lap


Owen Irving-1P, Varsity, BCL XC League #1, Fremont, CA





Bike Fitting



I’ve been putting in more time with the Gebiomized pressure mapping system and we are seeing some very nice results, with the level of fine-tuning we are able to accomplish much higher. Some of the issues with “hot spots” or higher pressure in specific places we’ve been able to really address and try things quickly with definitive feedback and numbers. 

I’m really excited to see where this is heading!


Be well,

Coach Johnny