Hello, as the US is in the second-week of quarantine, here are some great links that I read in the last week that I wanted to share with you. The Female Athlete: understanding your cycle and performance If you’re coached by me, you know how highly I value communication both between coach and athlete, as well as self-awareness of what’s happening inside your body. A couple of examples are the sleep tracking, diet, and menstrual cycle conversations. If you don’t have a copy of Stacy Sims’ ROAR, I would strongly suggest it. This article is kind of the Cliff Notes version. What’s been working with my athletes:

  •  a note on your schedule for the next couple of months the days that you expect to be High Hormone, even if you are on Oral Contraceptives and theoretically are always in that state. 
  • Communicate with me how you are feeling/ responding to the training and let’s dial you in!

Ruth Winder’s National Championships Win Almost Didn’t Happen-This is why I am really careful about discussing weight loss with super-athletic people that already have an awesome body composition. The last couple of pounds can cause mayhem. I’m a big fan of eating right and letting the body find its correct weight, as well as ADDING nutritious foods as opposed to TAKING THINGS AWAY and counting calories.RED-S is really challenging and multifaceted. It’s important to be aware. Kudos to Ruth for opening up about this.
The impact of endurance training on the cardiac health of women This is just a fascinating article on health differences between the sexes. I’ve successfully coached a couple of men with AFIB issues now but no women. If you are exhibiting any of these symptoms, I’m going to ask you to get checked out. There’s no hero points around this.
Practical Advice for Using O2 Sat Meters on ExpeditionsI like using O2 meters to determine acclimatization strategies for athletes racing at altitude, and I use one personally when traveling to altitude. I’ve been taking more of an interest in climbing, mountain running, and peak bagging trips the last couple of years and am reading Training For The New Alpinism right now. Good stuff!
Working from home now? I’m here for you to help with changes, race cancellations, and of course any illness this spring. Let’s get through this incredibly stressful period and be in GREAT SHAPE THIS SUMMER!

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