Happy Pumpkin Spice season! 

Fall is always a busy time for coaches as we are discussing and reviewing seasons with  existing athletes, building programs and starting up with new folks, and somehow a bunch of training conferences tend to be scheduled at this time as well.

 I will be skipping the  in- person USA Cycling summit , possibly attending the juniors roundtable discussion virtually, and will be virtually attending the Outride summit. I’m also looking forward to more online fitting training through ISCO on the LEOMO system that I basically taught myself how to use four years ago, and have some more things brewing with Supersapiens and INSCYD likely in the new year. Speaking of INSCYD,

I have been digging deeper and deeper into the applications for running lately. Paired with power from a Stryd or Coros device, it opens up some much more advanced ways to prescribe training and would be very effective for long trail races in pacing and fueling. There’s some fascinating thoughts out there on how to progress intensity using that information and what you actually need to do in training, or maybe even more importantly, what you shouldn’t do to go faster on race day.


Results And Kudos


Noah Hayes- 24P  UCI Men Charm City CX, Baltimore,  MD


Owen Irving -2P Varsity Artichoke Invitational,Half Moon Bay, CA


Elliot Irving -2P 4/5 Elite Men, Night Weasels Cometh CX, Shrewsbury MA


Bike Fitting

It’s been fantastic to see  clients that did pre-purchase fits months ago come back with their new bikes! The final fit process is quick and easy, just a few tweaks and checking the saddle using the new Gebiomized mapping is pretty much all they need.