Real, unflattering picture of me going completely narcoleptic for 20 minutes with the dogs, then getting up and crushing a indoor interval set and some challenging coaching work.

To say I’m a big proponent of the power nap is putting it lightly. I’ve always felt like my mind is totally clear after a very short sleep cycle, this first link discusses the glymphatic system in detail and how the brain basically cleanses itself. Long listen but worth it.

Second link an easy listen confirming that sleep is hands down the best recovery aid in existence-

Excellent article from James Clear-

Focused study on circadian patterns

And one more short one from Rhonda Patrick on sleep affecting glucose regulation / ameliorating these effects with high intensity exercise-

These are all links I shared with my athlete group over the last week or so, if you’d like to be added to this group, shoot me an email ( no weird funnel marketing here, trust me) and have a great Sleep Week!