“The important thing is not to keep winning, but to keep reaching.”


James Clear

Hello , 

With a bunch of athletes racing and completing goal events across the globe last week, and me getting in some (air quotes) “racing” at Lake Sonoma, it has been a heck of a week already. I’ve been trying to grab a little more sleep and get myself into the green a couple of times this week at least. 


Lake Sonoma- the last time I did this race was 2013 maybe? Fall was a perfect time for it, that region can be unbearably hot in the summer and late spring and the finish climb up Bummer Peak is south-facing at close to 20 percent in places.

I got there early and chatted with friends. It’s so awesome to be back in the racing community even a little bit, and I saw people I haven’t seen in years .

The start was up a long paved climb and I thought it would be fun to video the front of it with Noah and Owen lined up in the front places. I shot this video ( great form on the start, BTW, Noah) and then realized it wasn’t a wave start and my bike was 100 feet down the hill in the parking lot  with a crowd of 150  people riding slowly up the hill 🙂

I grabbed my bike, starting in a now-empty parking lot and made my way through groups of folks on the climb. There was lots of getting off and walking behind pods of riders in the first 10K of singletrack on both steep ups and downs, which was a big energy drain.. Almost the entire race is on a bench-cut singletrack that was originally built as a  narrow hiking trail, so not very conducive to safe passing. 

You do not get to be a jerk about passing when you start last. You ring your bell, you assure the rider ahead of you you will wait until its safe, etc. Karma and tricky singletrack can work for you and against you. Choose the positive path over the spicy path here.

I got to the aid station at the midpoint and wasn’t really sure how I was going to get up the finish climb after 15 punchy climbs already, but this flowy section on the North side of the lake helped me regenerate and hit the finish climb up Bummer at least mentally strong. 

What a fun event with burritos, awards, and chatting afterwards!

Studies Of Interest


This project  has the potential to be huge. Training and diet through a woman’s cycle has only barely been studied in the past. I’ll be following this project closely.

Read this abstract that the study has already produced. The big takeaway here is TALK TO YOUR COACH and understand what’s happening in your own body. If your coach doesn’t want to talk about it you should find another coach. Getting off the soapbox now lol…

Book Recommendation


I’m only halfway through it but  The Practice Of Groundedness by Brad Stulberg is really,really good. If you are suffering from overwhelm and trying to put out all the fires while staying connected 24 hours a day- you should read this.


 Kudos and Results!


Christianne Glanzmann- Chamoson-Croix De Couer-Verbier-Lac Champex-Martigny, a season goal accomplished!

Gideon Myles-  Oberlin Ohio – Ticonderoga NY– Gideon is closing in on his goal with the last climbs over the mountains in New Hampshire awaiting him. Enjoy the fall colors, Gideon!


Matt Christiansen- 15th 45A VSRT Cyclocross


Jay Parkhill- 11th 45A VSRT Cyclocross


Noah Hayes- 3rd Pro/Elite Grasshopper Lake Sonoma


Owen Irving 2nd U 19 Grasshopper Lake Sonoma


John Cheetham 25th 50-59 Grasshopper Lake Sonoma

Bike Fits!


 If you have seen me for a fitting in the last couple of weeks you know I’m slowly integrating the Ergofit  technology into my in depth fitting process and I’ve already seen some very positive results in people with some tough problems. Stay tuned for more on this process. 

Be well,