“Just start.


Start slow if you have to. Start small if you have to. Start privately if you have to.


Just start.”


James Clear



The racing season is beginning in CA in the next couple of weeks ( actually the very early races and training races have already begun) and it’s a good time to ask yourself what you want to accomplish in these events. 

I am a big fan of mock racing in general , especially during “rest and test” weeks. Nothing gets you ready for racing like racing, but we can replicate many of these things in a more controlled way.

Things like pack dynamics, being close to other riders, start grid anxiety and the irregular chaotic energy demands dictated by other people are excellent to experience a few times before the higher-priority events this spring. 

This is also a great time to get your bike dialed in with  a great fit , new components, and definitely fresh rubber. 

Personal confession here, I often ride somewhat  dirty bikes on training days as I am just as busy as everyone else, but when its crunch time, those machines will be immaculate and perfectly functional . Focus on these small things and you’ll find your anxiety level will drop considerably on race day!


Volunteer Opportunities


The HS and MS teams I coach had a ball volunteering at Tamarancho last weekend. We pulled so much invasive broom and wheeled many loads of crushed rock up the trail to fill in muddy spots.  Access 4 Bikes just opened up another trail day this Saturday- if you have a free morning, it’s great to help out.


Deep Dive


New Evidence on Lifelong Exercise and Atherosclerosis Risk in Athletes: the Role of Exercise Volume vs. Intensity


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