“Life rarely changes in a positive way without an increase in responsibility.


That can mean taking ownership of your health or committing to a relationship or starting a business.


Whatever it is, if you want the trajectory to change, the amount of responsibility usually has to change.”


Happy Holidays!

Most of us are “off” this week, but what that really looks like with all the remote work and non stop hard charging in business is very different than even a few years ago.

 I’ll be fitting in a few people in the studio this week that are having scheduling challenges during normal weeks, but I’ve also had time to work on the Rapha 500 challenge a bit. It will likely be all indoors this year as the couple days forecast to be dry are bookended with inches of rain and now snow tonight on the local peaks- brrrrr!, I typically follow the local recommendation of one day off of the trails for every inch of rain, and we’ve had some big storms lined up in the West already this winter.I am also not a fan of destroying bikes, especially with the supply chain issues still going on. If anybody has a 11 speed Shimano chain socked away, its worth more than gold right now :_)

Most of the Tempo crew has rolled through a set of INSCYD metabolic tests in the last week or so, and I’m excited to put those results to work towards more effective training in 2022.

I loved this quote from Lionel Sanders-

“With the help of the INSCYD software I have been able to cater my training to my own unique energy systems, and tailor that plan to be efficient at the races and durations that I want to excel at.“ 

 If you are interested in setting some very custom training zones this winter, you can schedule an INSCYD test here!


High School Coaches!


I’m looking forward to leading rides on Zwift again starting on January 6th! If you would like to join in the fun, message me and lets connect on Zwift Companion.

Studies Of Interest


I found this study super interesting. They gave 12 well-trained runners an exercise drink with 10% dextrose either 200 ml every 20 minutes or 50 ml every 5 min.

Average  carbohydrate oxidation  rates were 23 percent higher in the 20 minute group. The tricky part about this obviously, is the ability of individuals and their gut to handle a large amount of water in one shot. Give this a try in a training session and let me know what you thin

Bike Fits


The studio has a few openings in early January . Grab one of these slots if you need to get dialed in before the racing season begins!

Be well,