Owen Irving kicked things off with his third mass start race ever in the National 15-16 Cat 1. Starting in 126th position Owen made it up to 67th place before running out of real estate. Here’s a couple great pictures of the start of Owens race from the back of the field and from above , heading up the hill.


Noah Hayes was up next on Saturday with the U23 National Championship. Noah went through a crazy week with a training crash a couple days before the event but emptied the tank in this high-altitude sufferfest, staying on the lead lap for 33rd out of 64 starters.


Noah was up again quickly on Sunday morning for the National U23 STXC, but unfortunately was caught out in a first-lap bottleneck and lost the front group, powered by a world-class effort by Riley Amos. After a valiant battle, Noah came away with 26th out of 51 starters.


Owen was back up on Monday for the Freshmen D2 qualifier that would set the seeding for the High School National Championship. This being a first-year event, there was a lot of last minute changes and talk of possible changes to the format and schedule. This type of environment makes athletes CRAZY , but Owen did a FANTASTIC JOB clearing this out of his head, went out and raced, and secured the 15th seed for the national championship.


Wednesday was the big show and Owen did an excellent job navigating his 5th mass start race, staying in the front of the lead pack as they went up the hill and ending up 17/32 starters.


I’m really proud of both Noah and Owen , they dealt with a ton of adversity this week, trained hard away from home for the last three weeks to try to get some acclimatization,and raced their butts off on a tough course at over 9000 feet of elevation. 


Great job!