” The difference between a good athlete and a great athlete is the ability not to be tense”.

Shane Benzie


I went to the North Coast Sectionals last week at Hayward High to watch Owen Irving run . He did a fantastic job , especially considering he battled a tough cold all week leading up to the event. One thing I noticed was how smooth and relaxed all the athletes in the front of the race looked, even while running sub-5 minute miles. This is something we can train in ourselves regardless of athletic ability, the capacity to move efficiently in sub maximal speeds. Some of that is  neuromuscular improvements, some is raising the ability and functional threshold, and some of it is good biomechanics, either in running or cycling with proper shoes and bike fit.


High School Coaches!


The Piedmont team will be running  Zwift rides,workouts, and mock racing ( the kids favorite for sure) on Thursdays at 5 PM PST from Opening Day through the time change in March. These are open to all NorCal riders, we would like to ask that a coach from that riders team also participate to act as a touch point for questions the riders may have.

There are some technical requirements, but we got over 20 kids riding last year using existing team trainers and inexpensive speed/cadence sensors.

We use a Discord channel and in-app messaging to communicate and it gave us a ton of flexibility when the indoor spaces were closed or unavailable .

I’m happy to answer questions about all this if you’re interested!

Kudos And Results


Owen Irving- 8th Varsity Men, North Coast Sectionals XC