“Your entire life happens inside your body. It’s the one home you will always occupy and can never sell.


But you can renovate it.


If you can only pick one habit to build, exercise might be the one. Everything is downstream from how your body is functioning.”

 James Clear


Hello ,

I’m beginning the process of renovating my right elbow which has been hurting off and on for about 5 years now. It’s gotten to the point that lifting weights and especially pressing movements weren’t a great idea, and I can only imagine what climbing would feel like.

 It’s funny, as much as I advocate seeing professionals for injury rehab, I was very slow to make an appointment, but finally listened to my wife and called the doctor, who was fantastic. If there was a silver lining to the last Omicron outbreak, he had tested positive with no symptoms a few weeks earlier and so was home in Marin instead of at the Winter Olympics, so he had an open appointment slot.

He diagnosed ( golfers elbow ) within minutes, advocated a cortisone shot and PT( only one shot allowed in a tendon and there’s mixed science on the end result, but I was willing to try it)  and I was on my way with a defined treatment plan and an actual diagnosis, which was different than what the Doctors on Google and Instagram were suggesting.

Interestingly, the shot knocked my Whoop score into the red for a couple of days, but I already feel better now with less random pain and am starting PT next week. In the meantime, I ordered one of these devices which looks interesting and hopefully will help me address the tennis elbow on the other side of the same arm.


I’m also looking at different handlebar configurations on various bikes and have been trying a simulation of the Coefficient All-Road on my trainer bike, which I’ll have in the studio shortly along with the Road Race version. I’m finding an angled place to rest my hands turns the elbow into a perfect spot, allowing the tendon not to rub and roll over the condyle, which is creating pain.



Speaking of pain reduction, I have several saddles from SMP in the studio for you to try. Saddle fit is so individual! I ordered a Pro for myself after riding the test saddle on my home trainer, its very different than the Romin Pro I have been on for years. These saddles need to be patiently fitted to the rider, especially the fore-aft, but the response can be fantastic ! If you’ve only tried flatter saddles and had difficulty finding the right one for your particular pelvis, a saddle thats more rounded and allows more hip rotation might be just what you need.