Ajo Mountain Road looking South over Organ Pipe NM towards Sonoita , MX

Another beauty of endurance is that it is happening at all times. It is everywhere we look. To see someone, anyone, in this world is to witness someone engaged in a feat of endurance.


It’s been good to see some summer plans coming together for athletes, after so much disappointment and canceled races the last two years, fingers are crossed we can start planning real racing and event schedules again. This route has me quite interested in a fall trip.


Tempo Kit Order!


THE STORE IS OPEN AND THE KITS ARE BEAUTIFUL! Kit order closes March 14th, so get yourself some! I especially like the Flyby jacket and Trail jersey .

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Studies Of Interest


A request from Jeffrey Rothschild –



Hello coaches,


You may or may not remember me, but I conducted a survey relating to pre-exercise nutrition choices of endurance athletes a couple of years ago and was very appreciative of your support on it. Hopefully you all received copies of the two published papers (here and here). If not, please let me know and I can share a pdf.


I wanted to tell you about a new study I’m running as part of my PhD, that might be of interest to you, or perhaps some of the people you work/train with.


I’m looking for endurance athletes who regularly track diet, HRV, and training to better understand how these factors influence day-to-day recovery during long-term training!


More specifically, males or females aged 18+, who are:

  • Regularly training ≥ 7 hours per week,
  • Regularly tracking dietary intake ≥ 5 days/ week,
  • Currently using an Oura Ring or other device to measure sleep and heart rate variability (HRV)


Participants will track their exercise, nutrition, and sleep, and subjective wellbeing for 12 weeks. We’ll then analyze how these variables are influencing on your day-to-day recovery and how you feel during training. This gives people unparalleled insight into how their training and recovery is affected by various diet, training, and lifestyle factors. The nutrition, training, racing, and sleep schedule will be completely up to you, we will simply record what you are doing to see how it affects your training and recovery.


I’m attaching a flyer for the study as well, and there is more detailed info at https://bit.ly/remote-exercise


Please feel free to reach out with any questions!


Thank you,



Jeff Rothschild

RD, PhD Candidate

Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ)

Auckland University of Technology

M +64 210 268 8068 | E jeffrey.rothschild@aut.ac.nz

Kudos And Results


Madeline Frechette- 5th P123 , Cherry Pie Criterium, Napa, CA


Alec Guilford- 14th Open Novice, Cantua Creek Road Race, Coalinga , CA


Grant Haidinyak –  Mechanical DNF- Del Puerto 200K Brevet, Pleasanton, CA


Noah Hayes- 2nd Collegiate Men A, UCLA Road Race, Pearblossom, CA

Bike Fitting-


I’m excited to announce an expanded schedule at the Kentfield location, 

with bookings available M-Thurs, including Tuesday evenings. Reach out and I’ll do my best to accommodate your bike fitting needs!



Be well,