“For some elite athletes it’s not even a question of will; they love to get out of their comfort zones and thrive on pressure. That was one of Michael Jordan’s defining characteristics: how much joy he could find in being in a challenging, pressure-filled situation.”

George Mumford , The Mindful Athlete



It’s been an interesting week, with the high school mountain biking season starting to have pre-season fun rides I’ve been a busy guy! 

I’ve spent the last two weekends volunteering with the Piedmont High MTB Team  doing ABCDE ( Air, Brake,Chain, Derailleur,Everything Else) checks and short mobile bike fits at a staging area in East Oakland

I also did a series of short presentations on bike fit to the Oakland Composite MTB team  at their fun ride and team meeting on Sunday afternoon.

The season officially opens for practice on December 1st, and I’ll have two plans ready for the league coaches to use in preparing their kids for the upcoming season all the way through May. Stay tuned to this space for the official announcement soon!

I  was lucky enough to get over to Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland last Thursday to see Owen Irving win the XC  league Championship. Owen’s  running and strength coaches at College Prep have been doing a fantastic job preparing their team and it really showed, wow ! 

I’ve been also doing “ homework” in the Still Quiet Place mindfulness for athletes course and I’m really enjoying the diverse group! I’m noticing on the days after I do the meditations some outstanding Whoop scores and in general staying in a  much better place during pressure-filled situations. 

One more item, November is the month of giving. If you ride with me in the high school Zwift workouts this spring, we may all be riding the Buffalo Bike in a nod to raise awareness for World Bicycle Relief Here’s some more information on WBR and the Buffalo Bike. 


 Kudos and Results!


Owen Irving- 1st Varsity, BCAL Championship, Oakland, CA


Matt Christiansen- 25th 50+ Men, NOHO CX, Northampton, MA


Eliott Irving- 2nd Elite 4 / 5  Men, NOHO CX, Northampton, MA


Be well,



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