Holocaust survivor and teacher, Helen Fagin, on the power of hope:


“There are times when dreams sustain us more than facts.”


Source: A Velocity of Being


I had a good time volunteering on Friday sweeping and shoveling mud and gravel off corners with the Roaring Mouse team preparing the Berkeley Hills Road Race course for safe passage on Saturday, then hung out with athletes on Sunday afternoon at the Berkeley Streets Criterium after leading a high school ride in the morning.

 It was awesome catching up with so many good folks and I’m still hoarse from cheering Noah and Mads on! 


Results And Kudos

Noah Hayes- 1P, Cat 3 Men, Berkeley Streets Criterium, Berkeley, CA


Noah Hayes- 11P, Cat 3 Men, Berkeley Hills RR, Orinda, CA


Noah Hayes- 1P Berkeley Omnium


Madeline Frechette- 2P Women P123, Berkeley Streets Criterium, Berkeley, CA


Haley Nielsen- 1P Women 30+, Berkeley Streets Criterium, Berkeley, CA


Alec Guilford- 4P Open 5 Men, Berkeley Streets Criterium, Berkeley, CA


Owen Irving- 43P, US Pro Cup XCO, UCI Jr Men, Fayetteville, AR


Owen Irving- 27P, US Pro Cup STXC, UCI Jr Men  Heat A, Fayetteville, AR


Owen Irving- 47P, US Pro Cup XCO, UCI Jr Men, Fayetteville AR


Special kudos to Tempo alumni and fitting clients Ivan Smir, Evelyn Goessling, Shareef Elsaiyed, and Rebekah Bermudez for their finishes in the Berkeley races as well. It was really fun seeing and hanging out with so many of you on Sunday afternoon!


Bike Fitting Thoughts

Supporting the feet and finding a great connection from the entire foot into the pedal

 Feet, especially in a cycling shoe while pedaling, are almost their own organism with complex movement patterns happening all the time. 

 When thinking about shoes, the two primary objectives are

  • Make sure they properly fit the foot. I see TONS of shoes that are too big or too worn out. I used to see more shoes that were too small, not so much now. They should fit PERFECTLY with a thin cycling sock on. If your foot slides around either from side to side or front to back it will be pretty much impossible to support it.
  • Support your feet. Stock cycling shoe insoles are pretty thin and soft. This often is a bit of trial and error but you should feel supported, comfortable, and your foot should be dynamic when pedaling. I personally like Superfeet, both the Green and Carbon models, and the G-8 2620 semi-custom insole.

Get those two things dialed in and you’ll solve a ton of problems! Happy feet = happy riders!


Be well,

Coach Johnny