“Resting for me is fitness training.”

Jenson Button


After pulling a long day behind the wheel from St George to Marin last week, I took the positive of getting home a few days earlier than planned  to rest, catch up on things, repair bikes, and write workouts. Those of you who are personally coached by me have seen more strength programming with clear, easy to watch video clips and instructions via the Medbridge platform . One of the challenges of remote coaching is maintaining a high level of clear communication, and I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews from the Tempo Crew.


As the high school season gets going, I’ve been adopting this for the league programming  and am excited to offer two region-specific plans for the Norcal League in 2022.  Stay tuned for more details, but I haven’t been asleep the last two years.

I’ve also been calendaring bike fit days with local teams, usually paired with a local bike mechanic, doing basic fit and safety checks of all the riders. Risk management is key for these kids to have a positive experience , and I  feel strongly that teaching skills and making sure bikes are functional is a big part of that.

Studies Of Interest


Finally, some science behind a dark coffee and a burrito being the best recovery meal ever! Okay, not the burrito.

Book Recommendation


Brad Stulberg, The Practice Of Groundedness 


Loved this one and would highly recommend it, very actionable suggestions and  relatable for anyone struggling with todays non stop, high performer lifestyle. I’m a huge believer in developing  advanced coping skills and learning how to thrive instead of simply survive in todays world.

Brad Stulbergs journey as a high performance mental skills coach developing OCD himself and recovering from it is a great story. Check it out.

 Bike Fits!


I’ve donated a Premium Level Fit ( Including G-8 Insoles) to be auctioned off at this years Norcal Cyclefest By The Bay on November 13th!  Live music, auction, bull riding, gold sprints and more! You can see more details and buy tickets HERE

Be well,