I heard this definition of play. It’s the voluntary overcoming of unnecessary obstacles, and it never left me. That’s not my definition. I heard somebody else say it, like Jane McGonigal or something. The voluntary overcoming of unnecessary obstacles. It made me think that what work is is sometimes the feeling of an involuntary overcoming of necessary obstacles. I think blessed are us who can blur that distinction because what you’re doing as your work other people would watch you and feel like it’s play. If in 2022, we can find ways to do things that feel more voluntary, maybe they need to get done, but we feel we have the choice and that we’ve made it, then to consider these obstacles. As when you have something that’s really difficult in your life and it’s really hard, if you could actually have a play mindset, how thin can we make that line between the involuntary overcoming of necessary obstacles and the voluntary overcoming of unnecessary obstacles? I think the people that I admire most, the line is very thin, indeed.


Angela Duckworth

After a family ski vacation in Truckee, then heading directly to Exchequer Bike Park in LaGrange, CA, I’m happy to be back home in Marin for a couple of weeks. 

When I used to race 50 days a year I always felt it was the travel that truly wore me down, much more than the hard riding. I try to be mindful of that fatigue with my coached athletes, and really listen to what they are telling me. In my experience, when an intrinsically motivated hard charger tells you they are tired, they are REALLY TIRED. I’m more excited to be back working with athletes without as much distraction than tired of the road itself these days, but either way, I have tons of awesome projects and coaching opportunities at races over the next couple of months that I’m ready to work on. 

I’ll be adding in more test saddles from WTB and SMP at the fitting studio in the next month, and have increased the number of appointment slots during the week quite a bit! If you don’t see an appointment that works for you just reach out, I’ll do my best to get you in.

I’m also excited to be virtually attending the Ergofit  bike fitting summit in a few weeks! The Ergofit system and the INSCYD metabolic testing are fitting into my work with athletes perfectly as I refer and update information to both platforms daily now. The ability to personalize the training and fittng to the athletes needs has grown immensely with the adaptation of both of these platforms, and I’m really stoked!


You can find a booking link here for both INSCYD metabolic testing and bike fitting, check it out.


Grab your fresh  Tempo kits from Voler  HERE, the store is closing on the 14th.


Results And Kudos


Noah Bott- 5th JV D1, Exchequer Bike Park, La Grange, CA


Grant Haidinyak- Santa Cruz Randonneurs 200K


Owen Irving- 9th Varsity D2, Exchequer Bike Park, La Grange CA


Alec Guilford- a crazy flat -plagued DNF at Snelling RR. Great job keeping a positive attitude on what sounded like a heck of a long day walking in bike shoes!


A special shout out to my stepson, Jordy, for finishing his first Freshman race at Exchequer. 1200 feet of climbing and he still had a smile on his face at the end!


Be well,

Coach Johnny