Do you offer remote bike fitting?

I do! You can find all our services and book an appointment HERE

Do you offer consultations on an hourly basis?

I do! Email me at and we can calendar some time together.


What is your COVID-19 protocol?

  • Windows will be open during the fit as much as possible
  • Our HEPA/UV air filter will be on
  • A fan will be pushing air out of the windows. Our studio has exceptional cross-ventilation.
  • A mask is required for both parties. If you forget one a mask will be provided for you.
  • The fitter will wear gloves as much as possible.
  • Please take your temperature or check your Whoop respiratory rate, and text me if you have any symptoms before we meet (day of)
  • My cell # is 925-989-0460.
  • I commit to doing a self-check and will not meet if I have any symptoms myself.
  • Please bring a pre-filled water bottle and towel for your use.
  • I will sanitize the tools and surfaces we use in fitting between clients.
  • Physical distancing during the fit will happen as much as possible. This will slow the process slightly as I will ask you to get off the bike more than usual to maintain space.
  • Payment will occur via electronic invoicing (after our meeting) to reduce one more touchpoint
  • Waivers and pre-fit questionnaires will need to be completed online before the fit to reduce one more touchpoint.


Where are you located in Oakland?

The address in Oakland is 6125 Medau Pl, inside Crufit.

There is parking on the street( mostly metered, 2-hour time limit) and a garage on LaSalle Avenue with a pedestrian gate onto Medau a short block away.

Where are you located in Marin?

The address in Kentfield is 1010 Sir Francis Drake Suite 102B ( on the driveway side of the building)

There is parking in the back of the building and a pay lot across Maple. Be careful if you have bikes on top of your car pulling into the first three spots UNDER the balcony.

What should I bring for a bike fitting appointment?

Please bring a clean cycling kit, a small towel, and a water bottle. We will be looking at how your body moves on the bike and at the least cycling shorts are very helpful. Baggy shorts obscure this assessment.

Clean bikes are happy bikes! We can see issues and adjust them much easier, as well as being more hygienic to work on.

Clean cleats that can be adjusted make for a much happier experience! Please clean them and make sure the bolts can actually loosen. Not struggling with/breaking things during a fit allows more time for getting you dialed and pedaling well.

Do you offer discounts for junior athletes?

I do! I’m a huge supporter of junior cycling and offer a variety of solutions depending on your needs.

What level of communication should I expect?

You should expect a high level of communication, and expect me to ask you questions/ help you solve issues. I’ll also expect notes on your workouts and other things we are focusing on.


What technology do you use for bike fits?

I use motion capture video paired with LEOMO motion sensing technology. Both of these systems run in the background for reference while we go through the fitting process together and find your optimal body position.


What services are included as a coached athlete?

A training program planned by season and programmed weekly, bike fitting and consultation, strength training consultation, nutritional consultation. Daily feedback is the norm.

Do you meet with your clients in person?

I meet with clients in-person, via Google Meet, and communicate via text, email, and phone. 


Do I need a power meter and fancy recording devices to be coached by you?

You don’t need a power meter, but I do ask that you have a heart rate monitor and recording device that can upload data to a platform. I will encourage you to get a power meter on at least one of your bikes, raising the communication levels and ability to focus the workouts will help you succeed and reach your goals.