I connected with John by way of referral. The owner of the local shop was killing it at the local masters cyclocross races, and he spoke highly of the results he was getting from his coach. Before starting with John, my best result was a 3rd place in the “45C” class. I wanted to race in the “45B” group and not embarrass myself. John predicted he would “get me onto the boxes.” Not only did I hold my own in the “B” class the next season, but I was on the podium for most of the races I entered. For me, the best part about working with John was his personal approach. He would comment on most of my workouts and was responsive to all my questions and goals. We even did a few rides together. I also had John set up several of my bikes (road, gravel, CX, and commuter). I like his approach which seems equal parts measured and observed. I’ve never believed that bike fit was a strict numerical science. John’s approach is a good balance of fitting the machine to the rider and positioning the rider to perform.

Ken Cashion athlete rides CX

Ken Cashion

I’ve been working with John for the last 3 years and in that time, he’s coached me through and has helped me achieve some of the most amazing things. Things that I never dreamed I was capable of doing. He’s gotten me through Levi’s Gran Fondo – my first century and my first big ride after moving to California from flatland Chicago. He’s gotten me through the Death Ride; the name says it all. He’s gotten me through my first half Ironman. He’s gotten me through my first 50k trail race. But best of all and of which I am most proud, he’s gotten me to the starting line of two Ironman races and one strong finish. Through his guidance, advice, patience, & whip-cracking, he’s helped me achieve all these awesome things…UNINJURED. I highlight this because I’ve never gotten through anything uninjured before I started working with John and that is the biggest measure of success for me. John has an uncanny ability to know when to push me (i.e. when I’m just being lazy) and when I truly need to back off. What I appreciate about his coaching most is his responsiveness and willingness to listen to my feedback and make adjustments to my training as needed. I’ll never win a race. I’ll never be an elite athlete. I know it. He knows it. And even so, I know I’ll never receive any less than John’s full attention and the same quality of coaching that his elite athletes receive. John’s a great coach and I can’t wait to see where he can get me to go next!

Tempo Endurance athlete Sue Pilipauskas

Sue Pilipauskas

I began working with John in hopes of improving my 500m time at the Masters Track National Championships and becoming a better racer on the track. I met my goal and came home with 3 medals at Masters Nats. I appreciate that John is able to coach me no matter what I race –Track, MTB XC, and Cyclocross. He knows what is needed for each of these disciplines to make his athletes successful and is able to adapt his coaching to his athlete’s “real life.”

Trish Albert at track nationals

Trish Albert

Coach John has really made a difference in my training. He has help me to raise my power output two-fold. When I first met coach John I told him the goals that I had set for my season. He worked diligently and created a training plan that would allow me to go into my races in the best form I could be in. By coach John doing this he helped me to win my second national championships and he is helping to get in form for my second goal of the season which is going along very well. I am really looking forward to continue working with coach John. His experience and expertise are top notch.

Jay Major wins bike race

Jay Major

I got in touch with John 3.5 years ago now, and in that time, I have gone from a mid-pack cat 5 racer to racing elite level UCI and national events. I can attribute a lot of this success to John’s abilities as a coach. John is incredibly adaptable and is always willing to work with my busy school and work schedule. This is very important and allows me to get the best training I can in the time that I have. The coaching and workouts are top-notch; I always feel like there’s an interesting new workout, even in the depths of the Canadian winter. He can answer any questions that I have, and I have learned so much from him. I value his input and it has no doubt made me a better cyclist. Often times, John is more on top of my training and race schedule than I am. He always makes sure that I am looking ahead and keeping my goals in mind to help keep me motivated. He makes sure every aspect of my training is covered, on and off the bike. I have gone injury-free for the entire time I have worked with John and that is the mark of a good coach. In short, I cannot recommend John Cheetham highly enough. His expertise, patience, and adaptability make him a fantastic coach.

Tempo Endurance athlete christian gomes

Christian Gomes

John’s not just a great coach, he’s really a great person. I met him six years ago at the Nevada City Crit. I was having a bad day but he was so upbeat and nice about everything I couldn’t help but feel better. In fact, every time I saw him he was positive and friendly, and I was very impressed by his coaching skills with my two boys at Hellyer Velodrome’s junior program. In 2014, I was trying to come back from a serious hip injury and my goal event for the year was Master’s Track Nationals. With John’s help, I won six medals and a National Champion jersey in the Team Pursuit. In 2015 after another injury, he was able to take me in 5 months from out-of-shape mom to winning six medals at Master’s Track Nationals, as well as several podium finishes in road races and 3rd in the Master’s State Championship criterium. John makes training both fun and effective while keeping the motivation level high. He responds quickly to any and all questions or concerns about workouts and he really cares about how you do at all your events. John provides the high quality, personal level of coaching I’d been looking for and I can’t wait to see how far we can go together!

Bev Chaney crosses the finish line

Beverly Chaney

John has been a huge help to me in getting into cycling shape after a minor running injury. Since I couldn’t continue training for a marathon, I thought I’d try cycling, but after a couple of months on my own as a complete newbie, I decided I needed help. I chose John after speaking with a dozen coaches because not only did he have all the credentials and experience I was looking for, he was the most responsive to my questions. I also chose John because, although I’m finding cycling more forgiving for my 58 year old body, my bucket-list goal is to run the Boston Marathon when I’m 60, and John is well qualified to help me attempt to reach that goal as well. John continues to be super responsive, helpful, supportive, and flexible as I try to maintain my workout schedule while balancing family obligations, travel, and often long work days. With his workout and nutrition advice, I’ve been able to successfully complete a couple of metric century rides, two rides around lake Tahoe, and have lost weight. Bottom line is: I highly recommend John.

Bill Meyer holds a medal

Bill Meyer

I have been an endurance athlete for 25 years, mostly self-­coached. I started working with John in January 2014 after buying a power meter. He worked with me to develop a power training profile and then to create a training plan to meet my goals for the year. John has helped me push through to a new level of riding and racing. He is a superb communicator and gives feedback on almost every workout as well as tactical coaching before races. My hard days are very focused and very hard, my rest days are very easy and I have been racing at a much higher level than ever before. I placed 5th at the Santa Cruz Criterium, 4th at Copperopolis and 2nd at Wente Road Race this year before finally clinching the win at Cat’s Hill Criterium. John is a fun guy to work with and a great coach.

Jay Parkhill san rafael

Jay Parkhill

After being a multisport athlete for over 15 years from sprint to Ironman distance races, I decided to transition to bike racing in 2012 after an injury sidelined me from run training. John has been instrumental in my development as a cyclist as I moved up the ranks, helping me identify my strengths and improve my limiters as a competitive racer. More importantly, he has kept my training sessions focused and eliminated “junk” ­ necessary for this busy, working mom. John has worked with me during various injuries and scheduling difficulties. I like to change focus from multisport to road racing to  mountain bike racing all in one season, and with his guidance and power­-specific training he has helped me achieve success across all disciplines. Under John’s training, I won the silver medal at Master’s Nationals in criterium in 2013, a top 5 overall finish in Xterra, first place in the Master’s Women’s NCNCA Series,an Omnium win at Red Kite Racing in the Pro 1/2’s, and recently a California State Championship in XC Mountain Bike.

Tanya Grossman racing cyclocross

Tanya Grossman