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john cheetham bike fitWant performance gains without increasing your training or buying a high end wheelset? Getting a professional bike fit will transform your ability to consistently, efficiently, and comfortably put out more power with every pedal stroke.

We use a combination of Ergofit comprehensive fitting, classic bike fitting techniques, LEOMO motion analysis technology, high speed video, and still photography to capture real-time fit in the studio, on a road ,or inside the velodrome to achieve the best and fastest fit for YOU.

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What’s LEOMO Motion Analysis?

We use LEOMO motion analysis technology in all our bike fitsWe are very excited to be using LEOMO motion analysis technology into our fit protocols. The system uses 5 gyroscopic sensors attached to critical movement vectors in the lower body, and communicates via both low power Bluetooth and WiFi to bring both the biomechanics data and the physiological data like heart rate and power onto one platform. In the past, this kind of motion analysis has only been available in a lab. Because of the complete portability of this system, we’re able to do real world testing with our riders outside to see how the bike fit is really reflected while climbing, sprinting, and time trialing. Read about how LEOMO technology has helped several of our athletes!

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Ken shows his new bike fit “I had John set up several of my bikes (road, gravel, CX, and commuter). I like his approach which seems equal parts measured and observed. I’ve never believed that bike fit was a strict numerical science. John’s approach is a good balance of fitting the machine to the rider and positioning the rider to perform.”
– Ken Cashion

Hey hey hey 🙂 !!!
Did a short jaunt this morning and it was so good. I can actually climb AND DESCEND hands free now because I feel so solid in the saddle.(I knew it wasn’t just fear factor!) And, I don’t have to fidget on the seat so much or shift as much to keep power steady because I feel like I’m actually using all of my leg now. 

Jeanette H

I would like to share my experience with getting two of my bikes fit by John Cheetham. He is one of the friendliest people I have met and made me feel comfortable from the start. He is a true professional. I found him by searching for top coaches and fit experts in the country via USA Cycling and his was one of the names providing. The deal was sealed once I saw he was in my own “back-yard” her in the Bay Area. As far as my fit process, it went smooth and efficient. John had already done a thorough history and “inventory” of my cycling background, styles, preferences, ambitions/goals, etc. Once onsite, he then walked me through each step and kept me constantly informed as he was analyzing and why he was doing certain adjustments. In the end, we were able to get one road bike and one cyclocross bike done in less than 2-hours. He has also fit me for another of my bikes, a cyclocross/gravel set-up. I have been fit by a few other professionals over my 30-plus years as an competitive elite-level triathlete and current cyclocross racer, and I can confidently say that John has dialed me in better than them all, which includes my fits with an Olympic Training Center biomechanist in Colorado Springs, CO! Lastly, in review of the actual location, it was easy to find and his directions were straight-forward. The office was super comfortable and quiet. It provides an ideal environment to really dial in everything and have a nice time doing it. Thanks John for all your hard work and professionalism. Next up are my wife and I’s mountain bikes and another road bike!

Matt C

John has been an amazing coach and bike fitter for me since I started racing. He is willing to continually make tiny adjustments to make me as comfortable as possible (and I’m pretty particular about my cleat position) without any sense of frustration. John is always pushing his own knowledge of bike fitting and coaching further. There is no one I’d rather get a fit by or be coached by.

Noah H.


Holy crap… amazing. The bike fit, shoes, 1x setup, are just amazing, I mean, I corner and flow, my shoes do not rub my front tire when I corner because they are shorter. My power and connection with the pedals to the cranks arms to the bike is the best ever. My force vectors are propelling like no other…so flipping excited and feel so connected to the 3T like never before, and better than any bike. I got distracted by the course riding and just railed for 90 minutes of awesome. Hope that is okay. Lots of power climbing and did some run ups and stairs in the flow…boom!! You rock!!


John was excellent, very thorough fitting. It was my first one ever and he took me through the whole process perfectly and communicated everything well. Already feel much better on my bike after 1 ride.

Tom W

John brings a wealth of experience to bike fitting, both in biomechanics and the technical aspects of a bicycle, and his methodical approach and attention to clients’ concerns made it a great experience. This was my first bike-fit in nearly 20 years of riding, and the handful of adjustments that John made really dialed in my relationship to my bike.

Mike B

I’ve had several bike fits in my long cycling life (40ish years) and this was by far the best I’ve had. John never rushed and made sure everything looked good. I got my fit because of pain on my left knee during hard effort rides. Not only did the pain disappear but I am now riding much stronger for longer (higher watt averages) efforts. I highly recommend… Thanks!First off, I’m not a pro cyclist, but I try to live like one as much as possible. I’ve been riding about 5,000 miles annual, ily for a few years now. So before the bike fit, I felt good, but after the bike fit, I felt great! I feel more connected than ever to the bike. My pedaling smoothness, with power, has improved tremendously since the bike fit. I highly recommend a bike fit from John, regardless of skill levelf you’re the type of person that wants maximal gains!