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john cheetham bike fitWant performance gains without increasing your training or buying a high end wheelset? Getting a professional bike fit will transform your ability to consistently, efficiently, and comfortably put out more power with every pedal stroke.

We use a combination of classic bike fitting techniques paired with LEOMO motion analysis technology, high speed video, and still photography to capture real-time fit on a road or velodrome to achieve the best and fastest fit for YOU.

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What’s LEOMO Motion Analysis?

We use LEOMO motion analysis technology in all our bike fitsWe are very excited to be usingĀ LEOMO motion analysis technology into our fit protocols. The system uses 5 gyroscopic sensors attached to critical movement vectors in the lower body, and communicates via both low power Bluetooth and WiFi to bring both the biomechanics data and the physiological data like heart rate and power onto one platform. In the past, this kind of motion analysis has only been available in a lab. Because of the complete portability of this system, we’re able to do real world testing with our riders outside to see how the bike fit is really reflected while climbing, sprinting, and time trialing. Read about how LEOMO technology has helped several of our athletes!

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Ken shows his new bike fit “I had John set up several of my bikes (road, gravel, CX, and commuter). I like his approach which seems equal parts measured and observed. I’ve never believed that bike fit was a strict numerical science. John’s approach is a good balance of fitting the machine to the rider and positioning the rider to perform.”
– Ken Cashion