The most meaningful way to succeed, is to help others succeed. 

Adam Grant


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I was looking for another Adam Grant quote and found this one  while wrapping up the first four weeks of Dr Amy Saltzman’s A Still Quiet Place For Athletes work group tonight. It’s been an exceptional experience with a fantastic cohort of people from all over the globe,and I hope to continue with it for another four weeks.

As we start to wrap up 2021, one of the things that I really focused on this year was improving my ability to communicate and helping my athletes find ways to deal with pressure, both from outside themselves and from within.  I’m hoping I helped you through an issue and helped you succeed this year!

I also got some reading done, especially during the winter lockdown. I think I already gave away a few books and at one point I just let Amazon suggest more related ones and bought them used. I’ll likely move back into more exercise-related reading next year as I am committing to two new technologies and protocols this winter, both the Ergofit bike fitting system and the INSYCD metabolic testing and modeling technology.


This petition has been making the rounds in the last week.After some thought I signed it and I hope you’ll put some thought towards it as well. As much as I love exercising in the high alpine, I’d like the national events to align more with both the World Cup events and to be a little more fair to the rest of the country that doesn’t live in Colorado or Utah.


If you are a NorCal League coach and need some ideas for training in the upcoming season, check out the two plans I wrote in the Training Peaks Store. They are essentially free, with any profit being donated back to the league.


Kudos And Results


Elliot Irving- 4th 4/5  Elite Men, Really Rad Festival Of Cyclocross l, Day 1 ,Falmouth, MA


Elliot Irving- 4th 4/5  Elite Men, Really Rad Festival Of Cyclocross Day 2, Falmouth, MA



Bike Fits!


The more I use the Ergofit predictive fitting system the more I like the biomechanical positions it suggests and the ways to solve some very difficult fitting issues for people. If your having issues lets get you into the studio and solve them.

Interesting Articles – Fat Adaption: Fact Or Fallacy


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