Success is the product of daily habits-not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.


– James Clear, Atomic Habits


As the cyclocross season winds down, I wanted to give a big kudos to Matt Christiansen for his successful weekend in Chicago at Cyclocross Nationals. Matt has battled through some very difficult injuries and stacked up a ton of airline miles chasing points across the USA, and every year has improved his finish at Nationals. I’m already planning a solid 2022 for MC!

On the 2022 topic, many folks in the Tempo crew will be getting INSCYD tests on their training calendars in the next two weeks. I personally just finished a second test and have been refining the protocol as it gets released this week. I’m SUPER EXCITED about this new protocol and the personalization it opens up to individual athletes! 

High School Coaches!


The Zwift rides and core training have been really well received, already there have been over 20 riders on the Thursday night ride, wow! We will be doing a time trial hill climb this Thursday night, reach out if you would like an invite!


Studies Of Interest

I never liked the beet root fad.

Kudos And Results


Owen Irving- 1st Overall- Rodeo Beach 8K, Marin Headlands, CA


Matt Christiansen, 30th 50-54 Men, USA Cycling National Championships, Cantigny,IL

Bike Fits

  I’ve been helping people with last-minute gifts for the cyclist in their lives by offering custom gift certificates and packages for bike fits and consultations. If you are a little baffled about what to get them, reach out and let’s talk. I really enjoy helping people with this!

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