Noah Hayes Wins Both Days At Laverne Stage Race

“Effective practice isolates the skills that are necessary to produce results. Researchers like to distinguish between drills and scrimmages. Drills distort the game so as to work on a specific skill under maximum concentration. Scrimmages mimic the game to get a feel for the cadence and circumstances. Skill transfer is the degree to which working on a skill in one setting translates into another.”


One thing I like to do is drill down into a skill or small detail, and attempt to perfect it. This can be something as basic ( to me) as road cornering on a local ride. I’ve been enjoying more in-person skills sessions with clients, about equally split between road and mountain. I’ve also been leading more impromptu skills days with the local high school team, but that’s a little different, a little more of a scrimmage where I encourage contact and things being (safely) out of control.

Anyhow, I’ve been teaching road skills again, I love doing this, I’ve spent both time at USAC camps and at the Earlybird training series as a co-director for several years. It’s extremely empowering for athletes to finally feel in control of their bikes and to understand what they are supposed to do in various situations. This is often completely “free horsepower” that many riders miss out on. We don’t have to descend like Matej Mohoric at Milan San Remo  , nor use a dropper


But we can be more in control and smooth. 

If you could use some personalized attention, reach out, and let’s book a couple of hours and get you dialed.

Results And Kudos

Grant Haidinyak- Hopland 400K, San Francisco, CA


Bike Fitting

It was fantastic spending time watching presentations from the Ergofit Summit in Capetown last week! 

Good news, there’s a huge set of updates coming to the platform with more integration of dynamic video analysis from various platforms. I’m excited to add more features and get more athletes riding pain-free, and faster.


Be well,

Coach Johnny