The perfect start begins with months of preparation behind the scenes

I’m pleased to announce that the Perfect Start program is now open to a limited number of athletes. This program is a comprehensive plan to get you ready for 2021. It incorporates a professional level bike fit, meetings with your coach before each training block, and a proven plan incorporating strength, aerobic fitness, and speed work.


After years of experience working with junior athletes of all ages and abilities, there are certain things that reliably set them up for success in the racing season.

Going into the season with a poor-fitting bike, guesses about what works and what doesn’t on race day, and a few fun rides with friends under your belt isn’t usually the path to success if you want to stand on a podium box later in the season. The three components of our program work together to help you be at your best when the official pre-season begins.

  1. A professional-level bike fit and initial consultation, setting both process and outcome goals.

2. Regular meetings with a coach, either via video or over the phone. These will be at the end of each training block, about once a month.

3. Online programming running into the official beginning of pre-season, suited for your level of experience, maturity, and tailored to our current school environment in California.


A professional bike fit in our studio in Marin County, plus three in-person consultations, and individual coaching, even at our special Junior Racer rate, is easily over a thousand dollars.

The cost of this comprehensive three month Perfect Start package to you is being offered at a discounted rate of $500! This special discounted rate is only available for a limited time to a small number of racers.